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February 15 | 2017

Four Amazing Inventions That Help Students Stay Safe On Campus

Whether you’re a first-year student getting your bachelor’s degree, doing a trades program or finishing your PhD, being safe on campus should be your number one priority. Often individuals think that just because they’re at a public place that it’s safe. Think again! Campus attacks happen and it’s important that you are aware of the dangers and are prepared if something were to happen. When you’re alone at night walking back to your dorm after class or going to meet a friend at the campus bar, there are four amazing inventions that can help you stay safe.

amazing inventions that help students stay safe on campus

  1. Check-in apps Over the last few years, check-in technology has increased in popularity. Why? It’s easy to use and helps ensure your safety. All you need is your phone and an app like the CHECKMATE Campus. Besides the ability to check-in at specific times, this technology also allows you to have direct access to a monitoring centre that can dispatch the police and campus security if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.
  2. Nail polish that detects spiked drinks There is an epidemic of drink spiking on college campuses across North America. This is when someone slips common date rape drugs like Xanax or Rohypnol (known by its street name “roofies”) into your cup or beer bottle without you knowing it. Four students at North Carolina State University (NCSU) invented a nail polish that changes colours when dipped inside a drink that has been compromised by a date rape drug. This nail polish looks like regular nail polish except it could save you from being the victim of a heinous crime.
  3. Ride-sharing for students Although ride-sharing isn’t a new invention, there are special apps designed for students. Instead of walking back to your dorm room alone at night, you can use a campus-specific ride-share service. Some of these services are provided by the college or university themselves free of charge while others are available through designated apps. If your school does not provide their own ride-share service you can also use well-known apps like Lyft and Uber to safely get you where you’re going.
  4. Self-defence stick Self-defence sticks look like little clubs or nightsticks (the kind a police officer would have) except they can expand and often come with lights on one end. They can also emit piercing sounds to scare away an attacker. An inventor in India even created a self-defence stick that has a sewing kit and pepper spray in it.

Besides relying on these incredible inventions to stay safe on campus, don’t walk in unlit areas, tell a friend where you’re going and avoid oversharing on social media. Going to college is supposed to be a fun and rewarding experience and if you’re able to stay safe, it will be just that.


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