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January 19 | 2017

The Most Pressing Concerns Regarding Campus Security

Whether you are a security professional, student or faculty member, your safety on campus is important. Most university or college campuses are sprawling estates with numerous buildings, dormitories and athletic fields. Although most institutions employ trained security personnel to protect students and faculty, there are still pressing concerns on everyone’s mind.

The Most Pressing Concerns Regarding Campus Security

Violence on campus
Unfortunately, violence on campus is a huge concern nowadays, with active shooters being the most prominent cause of anxiety to students, faculty and security professionals. Active shooters tend to be more present on American university and college campuses due to certain states’ open-carry gun laws. However, if you are attending or work for a Canadian university, the threat of violence on campus through other means still hovers overhead.

Sex crimes and assaults
Many college students, especially women, fear being the victim of sex crimes and assaults. If you are the unfortunate victim of a sex crime or assault, it’s important to remember that it’s not your fault and you should report it to the police and campus authorities immediately.

Substance abuse
Substance abuse, especially alcohol, is a concern that plagues many higher education institutions. For many students, they are 17-18 years old and have not even had a sip of alcohol before entering college. If you work as a security personnel on a college campus, you cannot police each student and make sure that they’re aren’t drinking to excess every night. But, you can watch for people who are stumbling along on campus at night by themselves and escort them back to their dormitories safely.

Although it may not seem like it, theft is an ongoing concern for anyone who works at or attends a college or university. Some thefts can involve a roommate stealing personal property while other theft can involve credit cards and social insurance/security numbers.

Vandalism to school property
Graffiti, knocking down statutes, tampering with athletic equipment and even mascot kidnapping are all common occurrences on college campuses. If you are a security professional, it may be hard to catch vandals in the act since they are most likely to perform their bad deeds at night. You can, however, monitor landmarks, statues and so on when making your nighttime rounds to ensure that they remain free of graffiti and other damages.

What can you do?
If you see anything suspicious, tell campus security personnel and call the police. Do not try and be a hero. If someone is threatening you with violence, whether it is physical, sexual or verbal, get security involved as soon as possible. Unless you are a trained security professional, you should not intervene at the risk of becoming seriously injured.


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