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February 13 | 2018
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Introducing the New CHECKMATE Dashboard


Our new CHECKMATE Dashboard provides Administrators with a “real time” overview of all of the Staff registered with the CHECKMATE Working Alone service. The new dashboard allows you to:

  • Drill down and get access to personal profiles, contact lists, event histories, and voice and text messages.
  • At a glance, the administrators can view the status of their staff working alone, whether they are Active, in Alarm, have a Safety Check in Progress or if the service is “Off”.
  • View current and historically tracked information! The Dashboard provides user’s current Safety Check (contact) frequency, the number of Safety Checks in the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, and the number of alarms in the last 7 days.
  • Number of alarms in the last 7 days.

Through the dashboard, you will be able to view staffs’ current contact frequency.  You can access the  dashboard from anywhere via P.C., Tablet or smartphone through the CHECKMATE Website at https://www.protelec.ca/CMP/

1  Safety Checks OnCHECKMATE dashboard

2  Safety Check in Progress

5  Safety Checks Delayed

7No Schedule

6 Alarm in Programs

3 Schedule Pending


Safety Checks Off





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