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March 30 | 2017

CHECKMATE Never Alone We’ve Got Your Back, Even When You’re Alone

When you are walking down a street after dark – sometimes you want to know someone’s got your back. CHECKMATE Never Alone helps you feel safe and give your friends and family peace of mind. CHECKMATE Never Alone is a personal safety app that lets you share your location with loved ones in everyday situations and when emergencies arise.

dark_street Never Alone

Here’s how CHECKMATE Never Alone works: Once you install the app, enter your contact information and your alert contacts and setup is complete. CHECKMATE Never Alone ensures immediate emergency response should you encounter a potentially harmful situation in your day-to-day life.


Track your loved one’s whereabouts with CHECKMATE Never Alone’s Tracking feature. Select the tracking interval that works best for you (5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) and then log into our secured web portal with your tablet or computer to see where they are or have been.

Safe Walk

Where safety is a concern, for example, when walking to the car at night or being nervous about a suspicious person nearby, simply pressing and holding the Emergency button prepares your app for an emergency. If something were to happen, releasing the Emergency button immediately generates a distress signal.

GPS-Enabled Signals

At the touch of a button, the program lets the user send a distress signal that includes the GPS coordinates of the phone. The distress signal and coordinates are received by our ‘5 Diamond’-certified Emergency Monitoring Centre. Those GPS coordinates are updated by the minute until the alarm is resolved.

Industry-Leading Security Monitoring

CHECKMATE Never Alone provides industry-leading emergency monitoring at the touch of a button. CHECKMATE Never Alone keeps you and your family members safe inexpensively, effectively, and all you need is a smartphone. This personal safety app ensures immediate, informed and industry-certified responses to a wide range of emergency situations.




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