July 13 | 2017
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Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Keeping your kids safe shouldn’t mean locking them inside the house all summer long. Summer vacations mean long nights, house parties and a carefree attitude. It can be tough to keep kids safe when you’re not around.  With the help of CHECKMATE Never Alone app, parents can give kids the freedom to enjoy their summer and help keep them safe.
Parents often worry about being overprotective, however, with CHECKMATE Never Alone you’re giving them the autonomy and independence they want with the safety they need.

What Is CHECKMATE Never Alone?

CHECKMATE Never Alone is an app that can be downloaded directly onto any smartphone and is specifically designed to protect your loved ones whenever and wherever they are. The Never Alone personal safety app ensures immediate emergency response should you or your loved ones encounter an uncomfortable or potentially harmful situation in their day-to-day lives.

Features Include:

  • GPS Tracking
  • One Touch Distress Alarm
  • Direct Communication with Emergency Monitoring Personnel 

Simple & Powerful 

Simply download the ProTELEC CHECKMATE Never Alone app free from the App Store or Google play on your child’s phone and never worry about them when they’re out. Teenagers, especially when out at night, can be safe with Never Alone knowing that if anything goes wrong, they can receive immediate help with the touch of a button.

Never Alone gives users the ability to send a distress signal with current GPS coordinates to ProTELEC’s Emergency Monitoring Centre where our professionally trained personnel respond.





User Friendly                           

In certain situations, a person may become very uncomfortable, fear for their safety or do not feel in control. Therefore, Never Alone lets the person discreetly signal for help at any time with just the touch of a button.

Stay Informed

Distress signals are archived and can be accessed through our website allowing you to see on a map through the GPS coordinates where your loved one was at each of these points in time. This lets you know where your loved one encountered an emergency situation. You can also receive weekly or monthly reports via email to keep for your records. You can also select the tracking interval that works best for you (5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes).


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