August 21 | 2017
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We’re excited to announce new CHECKMATE Working Alone features.

New Features Include:

Automated Start Schedule 

  • Schedule CHECKMATE, to automatically activate at the desired time and day. With auto activate you never have to worry about forgetting to activate CHECKMATE.

Flexible Reporting Option

  • You can request customized reports at any time that better fit your requirements. The ability to customize what is tracked will allow you to make sure you get the most compelling data for your records.

Monthly Summary Report

  • You have the choice of getting monthly summary reports for each user. With monthly reports, you can monitor CHECKMATE usage, ensure your staff are routinely using the service and see how effective the service is.

CHECKMATE Working Alone is also available for users with a smartphone via the CHECKMATE Mobile app.


CheckMate Mobile AppCHECKMATE Mobile is an app that enhances CHECKMATE Working Alone for users with a smartphone.

CHECKMATMobile includes:

  • Emergency Button – Immediate Notification
  • Safe Walk 
  • Manage My Check-ins
  • Man Down Alarm
  • GPS Tracking


CHECKMATE Safety Checks by Text

  • COMING SOON….Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the CHECKMATE texting option.

Call us toll-free at  1-866-775-6620


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