March 3 | 2017

Realtor Safety At The Office

A REALTOR’s office can be a dangerous place as well, particularly if you’re working late and alone. The following safety procedures can help keep you safe from robbery or assault at your workplace:woman_in_office@night

  1. Always carry a charged cell phone. Make it part of your everyday apparel for immediate accessibility.
  2. Turn on your Checkmate Professional app and set safety checks 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes for the amount of time alone in the office.
  3. Secure all unused doors and windows, especially if they are in the rear of the office and out of sight and ear shot.
  4. Keep your windows and counters clear. Robbers can be dissuaded from attacking an office if it’s clearly visible from outside.
  5. Keep a radio or TV playing loudly in the back room when you’re alone in the office – do whatever you can to make it look like there’s someone else there with you.
  6. Lock office doors after hours.
  7. Whenever possible, avoid being at the office alone, try to leave work before it gets too dark or the streets become empty.
  8. Immediately report harassing phone calls to your employer and to the police.

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