March 13 | 2017

Realtor Safety with Clients

Realtors face many safety concerns just doing their day-to-day jobs – including meeting unknown clients one-on-one at property showings.

Shot of a businessman handing his colleague a document


As a real estate professional, you put yourself at risk every day — you just might not realize it.

Meeting new clients, showing properties, holding open houses, letting strangers get into your car, and even your marketing may be jeopardizing your personal safety.

Such everyday tasks seem harmless, but as some real estate professionals have learned the hard way, these situations can expose you to danger.

Here are eight Safety Tips when meeting with Clients.

  • Always carry a charged mobile phone and turn on your CHECKMATE Professional app.
  • When you have a new client, ask him/her to stop by your office and complete an Identification Form.
  • Get the client’s car make and license number and photocopy the driver’s license.
  • Introduce the prospect to someone in your office.
  • Always let someone know where you are going.
  • Be sure to make an effort to get an accurate description of your client.
  • In showing a property, always leave the front door unlocked for a quick exit while you and the client are inside. As you enter each room, stand near the door.
  • Turn on the Safety Check Feature on your CHECKMATE Professional app before meeting with the client.

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