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February 15 | 2017

What All Companies Should Do To Keep Tabs On Their Lone Workers

Any company that employs lone workers has a duty to protect them. Whether you are sending someone out on a housecall, or a construction worker is going to be alone in another part of the building your team is renovating, there are ways to keep tabs on your lone workers to ensure that they are safe.

What All Companies Should Do To Keep Tabs On Their Lone Workers

Adapt to new technologies
When it comes to keeping tabs on your lone workers, you need to adapt to new technologies. Using a pen and paper to record where your lone workers are or even typing it into a spreadsheet is simply not enough. Cellular and satellite technology provide ways to monitor your employees with GPS positioning so you know their exact location. Additionally, with new lone worker monitoring technology you can tailor it to each employee to suit their situation, job and risk level.

Implement mandatory check-ins
A check-in system can be accomplished via cellphone, radio, app, text or through any other manner you choose. You can decide at what intervals your employees must check in and how many times throughout their shift. If a check-in is missed, you’ll know that something is up and you need to see that your lone worker is safe. When you’re able to easily communicate with your lone workers, you’ll know how they’re doing and that they’re out of harm’s way.

Invest in fall and no-motion detection
Some lone worker jobs require need to be performed at great heights or in remote locations that are not easily accessible. With fall detection and no-motion detection systems, you’ll be notified if your employee has fallen or has not moved in a while. Detection systems let you keep tabs on your lone workers through their movements or lack thereof should an emergency occur.

Why keep tabs on your lone workers?
No matter how much you trust your lone workers, you still need to know that they’re okay throughout their shifts. Keeping tabs on your lone workers is done for their safety and can help you create an efficient emergency response should anything go wrong. You will also know if your lone worker is doing their job properly when you check up on them. Furthermore, most insurance providers offer reduced rates and premiums for companies who take that extra step to protect their lone workers. Finally, when you keep tabs on your lone workers you’re providing a measurable return on your investment – which is beneficial to the company as a whole.

If you are looking to improve safety for your lone workers, please contact us. We have advanced monitoring technology that will streamline how you keep tabs on your lone workers and ensure their safety.


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