December 2 | 2016

10-Second Rule for Personal Safety


personal safety to keep in mind

Rule for Personal Safety

Take 10 seconds when you arrive at your destination.

  •  Keep a cell phone at your side.
  • Is there questionable activity in the area?
  • Are you parked in a well-lit, visible location?

Take 10 seconds after you step out of the car.

  • Are there suspicious people around?
  • Do you know exactly where you’re going?

Take 10 seconds as you walk towards your destination.

  • Are people coming and going or is the area unusually quiet?
  • Do you observe any obstacles or hiding places in the parking lot?
  • Is anyone loitering in the area?

Take 10 seconds at the door.

  • Do you have an uneasy feeling as you’re walking in the door?
  • Is someone following you in?
  • Does anything seem out of place?

Personal safety should always be on your mind! So follow these rules and ensure that you’re always safe.


Canadian Real Estate Association 


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