February 17 | 2017

CHECKMATE SOS – Safer In Other Ways

Having a CHECKMATE SOS mobile alert pendant sure is a safe bet! Did you know that your CHECKMATE SOS mobile alert pendant can make you safer in other ways? When you require emergency help, just press your button! You will be immediately connected to the Emergency Monitoring Centre, will be able to tell them what’s going on and request immediate emergency help. If you’re unable to speak to the Emergency Monitoring Centre, CHECKMATE SOS has automatic fall detection that detects a fall, even if you’re disoriented or unconscious and can’t press the button. CHECKMATE SOS will send help all the same.


CHECKMATE SOS customers feel much more at ease knowing that they can get whatever type of help they need simply by pressing their medical alert button!

GPS location information is sent with every emergency alarm so that we know where you are, even if you don’t. If GPS information is not available, geographic triangulation information is sent. SOS location services enable our Emergency Monitoring Centre to determine where you are when we are not able to verbally confirm the location. CheckMate SOS approximates user location using GPS satellites and cellular networks.


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