March 20 | 2017

CHECKMATE SOS – Who Needs One?

CheckMate SOS is a mobile medical alert pendant that lets you send an immediate alarm in times of an emergency.

Most buyers purchase CHECKMATE SOS for seniors and aging parents who live alone, so that they can get help quickly if needed. That person might be at a heightened risk for falls because of poor eyesight or if illness strikes quickly. Checkmate SOS can also be useful in non-emergency situations where the user doesn’t need an ambulance but does need someone to come to their aid.

Our Emergency Monitoring Centre will alert a pre-selected relative or friend who can come over and assist.

Our Emergency Monitoring Centre operates 24/7/365. Our facility is Five Diamond CSAA certified – the highest level of certification available in the industry.

CHECKMATE SOS works with a user’s specific disability. For example, you may need a device he or she can activate with one hand.


Emergency Button – Simply press and hold the button and you will be directly connected to ProTELEC’s Emergency Monitoring Centre.

Automatic Fall Detection – CHECKMATE SOS is designed to sense when you have fallen and automatically generates an Emergency alarm and contacts our Emergency Monitoring Centre. SOS will call for help if it detects a fall, even if you’re disoriented or unconscious and can’t push the button yourself.

Hands-Free Two-Way Communication – Whether you push the Emergency button or you fall, hands-free two-way voice communication with our Emergency Monitoring Centre occurs.

GPS Location Tracking – GPS location information is sent with every Emergency alarm so that we know where you are, even if you don’t. If GPS information is not available, geographic triangulation information is sent.

SOS Location Services enable our Emergency Monitoring Centre to determine where you are when we are not able to verbally confirm the location. CHECKMATE SOS approximates user location using GPS satellites and cellular networks.

For more information about CHECKMATE SOS please call us at 888-465-1758.


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