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December 15 | 2017
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Give the Ones You Love the Gift of Safety

It’s that wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here, and that means crowded malls, dinner parties and most importantly getting together with loved ones. Finding the perfect present can be a struggle when shopping for the ones you love. What do you get someone who already has everything? Or how do you show them just how much you care? This year try to think outside the box!

Children are easy to shop for; they are easy to please and very vocal about what they want. It’s the ones that are a bit harder to read that require some extra thought put into their presents. This holiday, give the gift of safety all year long with CHECKMATE SOS and CHECKMATE Never Alone to the ones you love.


Remind Them Just How Much You Care 

When thinking of a present people don’t usually think of safety or products and services that assist in case of an emergency. If you have ageing parents, who live alone and may require assistance quickly then CHECKMATE SOS is the perfect gift for them. CHECKMATE SOS is a mobile medical alert pendant that lets them send an immediate alarm in times of an emergency or if the user doesn’t need an ambulance but does need someone to come to their aid. Give them a gift that makes sure someone is always available to come to their aid when you’re not.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving 

Untitled design (93)What do you give the independent ones? The ones who don’t need you looking out for them anymore? Easy, give them the freedom they want with the security they need with CHECKMATE Never Alone. CHECKMATE Never Alone is an app that can be downloaded directly onto any smartphone and is specifically designed to protect your loved ones whenever and wherever they are. Never Alone will always know where they are in case of an emergency and notify you if a distress alarm is triggered.

No need to visit crowded malls or wait in long lines, contact us and have your gift ready and delivered to you!

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