February 24 | 2017

Realtor Safety Tips For An Open House

Safety should always be a concern for you when working an Open House. Partnering at Open Houses can greatly reduce the risks and be aware that attacks can happen to both male and female REALTORS.

These are a number of steps you can take to protect your personal safety during an Open House:

Realtor Showing Hispanic Couple Around New Home

1.When you enter a house for the first time, check all rooms and determine several “escape routes”.

2.Make sure that all deadbolt locks are unlocked to make a faster escape possible.

3.Check that you can escape from a backyard if you flee through a back door frequently, high fences surround yards with pools and hot tubs.

4.Place your business card, with date and time on the back, in a kitchen cupboard; note on it if you were the first arrival or if clients were waiting.

5.Set up your CheckMate Professional App to ring/vibrate your phone every 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. If you don’t acknowledge your phone at each Safety Check, an Emergency signal is generated and transmitted to ProTELEC’s Emergency Monitoring Centre.

6.When prospects arrive, jot down car descriptions, license plate numbers and physical descriptions.

7.Always walk behind the prospect and show the house by directing, not leading, them. Say, for example, “The kitchen is on your left”, and gesture for them to go ahead of you. In cases where you are concerned about your safety, press and hold the Emergency button on your CHECKMATE Professional App. If something were to happen, simply release the Emergency button.

8.Watch what prospects are doing at all times; don’t become preoccupied with viewing the home.

9.Inform a neighbour that you are showing the house and ask him or her to be aware of anything out of the ordinary.

10.If an agent has been assaulted, have someone from your office send a Mass Notification to all real estate agents that have CheckMate Professional that an agent has been assaulted and other real estate agents may also be at risk. The notices will appear on their smartphone like other notifications do; across the top of their screen.





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