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February 1 | 2017

7 Ways You Can Maintain Personal Safety On Campus At Night

Besides getting good grades and enjoying life on campus, safety should be one of your top priorities. When walking around campus at night alone there are ways for you to maintain your personal safety. Everyone knows you shouldn’t walk on unlit roads at night, so here are seven other ways you can stay safe on campus:

Night Time Campus Safety Tips

  1. No headphonesOne of the most important safety precautions you can take when walking around campus alone at night is to be alert. In order to be able to hear danger, you can’t wear headphones. Most of us are glued to our phones and walk around with headphones in our ears 24/7 to listen to a podcast or music. At night, keep your ears free of headphones to ensure that you can hear everything around you and will not be distracted.
  2. Don’t overshare on social mediaDo not use social media check-ins. By checking in you are revealing your exact location, making you an easy target. If you must post pictures to social media in real-time, try taking photos of only yourself and not your surroundings so your location is unclear.
  3. Know where you’re goingBefore venturing to a new part of campus, familiarize yourself with how to get there. Google maps can provide an accurate bus, driving or pedestrian route of getting from point A to B and your school’s website should have a detailed map of campus as well. When you know where you’re going, you’re less likely to get lost and end up somewhere unsafe.
  4. Wolverine your keys“Wolverining” is not a technical term but, it’s a way to protect yourself when you’re alone on campus at night. The superhero Wolverine from X-Men has claws that retract from his hands when he’s in danger. You can do the same with your keys when you’re by yourself. Keep your keys between each finger like a claw. This allows for easy access when you’re getting into your car or dorm and you can use your keys as a weapon should you find yourself being menaced by an attacker.
  5. Tell a friendImplement a check-in system with a friend where you text/call each other when you have to go somewhere alone at night. Your friend will know exactly where you are, when you got there and when you got home and will know that you’re safe. This is where it’s okay to check-in because you’re not posting it on the Internet for everyone to see.
  6. Keep supplies handyWhistles and pepper spray are usually allowed on every college campus. Keep these items handy when you’re alone at night just in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation.
  7. Personal security systemMany alarm companies offer personal security systems for added protection. These systems are usually in the form of an app that is linked to a monitoring centre. When you activate your personal alarm, a signal is sent to the centre with your exact location. Police and other security personnel are dispatched immediately to protect you from danger.

The more vigilant you are, the better prepared you’ll be should you find yourself in imminent danger. For more information about our personal security systems, contact us.


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