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Industry Information

Our goal is to offer the most effective system for lone workers in any business regardless of size or industry. The comprehensive list below indicates which industries commonly utilize lone workers.

Facility Maintenance:
These workers often find themselves alone in buildings at all hours. They may be required to travel between locations and face varying risks.

Office-based workers may not face the risk of accidents, but staff that work in an office alone are considered lone workers. A receptionist that sits at a desk in a waiting room alone is considered a lone worker. Staff who travel to meet clients are considered lone workers, as well.

Many professionals in the healthcare industry spend the bulk of their time visiting clients’ homes putting them at risk. Homecare workers and nurses are especially vulnerable.

Staff at gas and convenience stores are at risk of violence from the public, health issues and trip and fall accidents. Often, these employees work late at locations that are far from civilization – off highways and at rest stops with limited services – where help cannot reach them quickly.

Staff who work alone in a retail setting are at risk of public violence health issues and trip and fall accidents. Even if the retail store is located in a busy shopping mall or plaza, employees are still considered lone workers.

Service professionals:
Electricians, plumbers, HVAC workers and other professionals who undertake service calls – pest/animal control, exterminators, and health inspectors – are considered lone workers. These employees spend their days travelling between different locations where they may work in insolation for long periods of time.

CheckMate adds extra protection to your lone workers and simplifies your organization’s working alone safety plan. Our services are designed to protect your employees when they are alone on the job, no matter what industry your company operates in.


  • I am a real estate agent who was robbed and assaulted and had no way to protect myself.

    Now with Checkmate Professional, I feel safe again and the price for my safe well-being. Is very cost-effective.

    Thanks Checkmate

  • We have been using CHECKMATE since 2011.The service CHECKMATE provides to our team is extremely beneficial, CHECKMATE continues to meet and surpass our expectations. They take the time to really know their clients which gives us every confidence that not just our safety goals are well understood but also our comfort level. Their system is very...

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