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The CHECKMATE WORKING ALONE system is an automated, proactive communication system designed to check in staff working alone to ensure they are safe.

The system will automatically call them for check-ins according to their schedule. The worker simply has to answer the phone, enter a 4-digit PIN and the info is relayed back to base to let everyone know that the employee is safe.

Should an employee miss a check-in, the system will wait for three minutes and will then place the second call. Should the second call go unanswered, an alarm will be triggered in ProTELEC‘s Emergency Monitoring Centre, where one of the trained operators will place a call to the worker. All of the operators must undergo rigorous training and education to qualify to work in ProTELEC’s Emergency Monitoring Centre, which is certified ‘Five Diamond’ by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), an organization whose mandate is to maintain the highest standards of excellence in the North American alarm industry. Finally, should the operator’s call not be answered, then they will call an Alert Contact that has been supplied by the employee to inform their employer that a check-in has been missed.

This system is flexible, user-friendly and can accommodate any schedule no matter how specific it is.

CHECKMATE WORKING ALONE offers numerous features for maximum safety:

  • It can be set up to start and stop at specific times.
  • The option exists for the lone worker to be able to activate and deactivate the system, as well as to change or delay the call frequencies as necessary.
  • The location recording feature permits the lone worker to leave a 60-second voice message at the time of check-in with their location details.
  • WORKING ALONE provides an audit trail. Automated reports are sent out on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • The system works through any phone line.

Additional Optional Features:

CHECKMATE Mobile is a free app for smartphones that allow users to send a distress signal straight to ProTELEC‘s Emergency Monitoring Centre. The system’s signal includes GPS coordinates of the phone. These coordinates continue to be updated every minute until the distress call is resolved. Once the operator receives the alarm, a call will be made to the user. The same procedure ensues as with the Working Alone platform.

CHECKMATE Mobile includes: Google PlayApp Store

  • Man Down Alarm, which activates if the phone is in a horizontal position for a given period of time after the alarm is received.
  • The same functions offered by the WORKING ALONE system.


CHECKMATE NEVER ALONE is an app installed on a smartphone to give the family members of older, more vulnerable loved ones, who live alone, peace of mind. This app is also perfect for young children, babysitters and even adults who require assistance. When an alarm is activated on the NEVER ALONE app, family members are notified and help is sent to the individual in danger.

CHECKMATE NEVER ALONE has other features that can be added, such as:

  • SAFE CHECKThis is used to check in with someone who is living alone in the
    morning and evening to ensure that they are safe.
  • MED CHECKThis can be set up at predetermined times to remind people to take their medication.


This product allows for the safety of students and staff when they are on campus and off. CHECKMATE CAMPUS is an app for smartphones that is able to send a distress signal with the GPS coordinates of the user’s phone.

Besides combining the features from our other monitoring products, Campus can:

  • Geofence the campus’s own boundaries for the purpose of dispatching campus police versus other responding parties. If the University has its own Monitoring Centre, alarms on campus can be sent directly to them.
  • If the distress call comes from outside the geofence, it will be intercepted by our Emergency Monitoring Centre and dispatched accordingly.
  • When the user is on campus, the GPS coordinates will inform us if the user is outdoors or indoors and what floor of the building they are on when the alarm is triggered.


  • we have biologists working in remote locations and late into the night or early in the morning to complete bird and wildlife surveys. CHECKMATE gives us comfort that our teams are safe without having to wake up staff for routine check-ins. We’ve expanded our use of the services because it is so helpful.

    Thanks CHECKMATE

  • I am a real estate agent who was robbed and assaulted and had no way to protect myself.

    Now with Checkmate Professional, I feel safe again and the price for my safe well-being. Is very cost-effective.

    Thanks Checkmate

  • We have been using CHECKMATE since 2011.The service CHECKMATE provides to our team is extremely beneficial, CHECKMATE continues to meet and surpass our expectations. They take the time to really know their clients which gives us every confidence that not just our safety goals are well understood but also our comfort level. Their system is very...

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