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Personal Safety Matters – CHECKMATE is a leading provider of personal safety products and can ensure immediate, informed and industry-certified response to a wide range of personal emergency situations for you and your family.

  • CHECKMATE has products to keep you safe while working alone, as well as, keeping you and your family safe.


A personal safety app for smartphones.

  • CHECKMATE NEVER ALONE provides instant access to industry-leading emergency monitoring at the touch of a button.
  • At the touch of a button on almost any smartphone with the CHECKMATE NEVER ALONE app, a distress signal is sent to our ‘CSAA Five Diamond’-certified Emergency Monitoring Centre along with the GPS coordinates of the phone that sent the distress signal. These GPS coordinates are updated every minute until the alarm is resolved.
  • Our industry-certified operators will connect with a list of Alert Contacts to arrange for assistance as required and monitor the location of the phone from which the distress signal originated with a complete history of the changes in location.
  • Ideal for teenagers, active seniors or anyone wishing an added level of security when they may be alone.


A proactive, automated communication service designed to check on people
to ensure that they are okay.

  • You or your loved one can receive regularly scheduled check-in calls. Calls are placed twice a day to check in on your loved ones to make sure that they are okay. Simply entering a 4-digit PIN verifies that they are safe and is an instant confirmation of their well-being.


A proactive, automated communication service designed to remind people to take their medication… as prescribed.

  • Our system will call your loved one to remind them that they have medications that are scheduled to be taken.
  • Simple entry of a 4-digit PIN number will confirm that they have received the reminder notice. If the call goes unanswered, a follow-up call will happen 3 minutes later. If there is still no answer, an alarm is triggered in our Emergency Monitoring Centre and one of our trained operators will intervene to determine what course of action is required.
  • No registration, set-up or false alarm fees.
  • Ideal for seniors living independently who could benefit from the added reminder of their medication schedule – so that family members can put their minds at ease.


A medical alert service that gives people the ability to send an immediate signal anytime they are having a medical emergency.

  • Medical emergencies can often leave someone unable to let someone know that they are in difficulty and in need of medical attention, especially if they feel ill quite suddenly or fall and cannot get to a phone.
  • CHECKMATE SOS provides a direct connection to our Emergency Monitoring Centre at the simple touch of an activation button on a pendant.
  • Ideal for seniors wanting to maintain an independent lifestyle but needing easy and immediate access to medical attention if there’s an emergency.


  • we have biologists working in remote locations and late into the night or early in the morning to complete bird and wildlife surveys. CHECKMATE gives us comfort that our teams are safe without having to wake up staff for routine check-ins. We’ve expanded our use of the services because it is so helpful.

    Thanks CHECKMATE

  • I am a real estate agent who was robbed and assaulted and had no way to protect myself.

    Now with Checkmate Professional, I feel safe again and the price for my safe well-being. Is very cost-effective.

    Thanks Checkmate

  • We have been using CHECKMATE since 2011.The service CHECKMATE provides to our team is extremely beneficial, CHECKMATE continues to meet and surpass our expectations. They take the time to really know their clients which gives us every confidence that not just our safety goals are well understood but also our comfort level. Their system is very...

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