SOS_deviceCHECKMATE SOS is a mobile alert pendant that gives people the ability to send an immediate distress signal anytime they are having a medical emergency.

Medical emergencies can often leave someone unable to let someone know that they are in difficulty and in need of medical attention – especially if they feel ill quite suddenly or fall and cannot get to a phone.

CHECKMATE SOS provides a direct connection to our Emergency Monitoring Centre at the simple touch of an activation button on a pendant.

Ideal for seniors wanting to maintain an independent lifestyle but need easy and immediate access to medical attention if there’s an emergency.


  • Automatic Fall Detection

SOS is designed to sense when a fall has occurred and to automatically generate an Emergency alarm and contact ProTELEC’S Emergency Monitoring Centre

  • GPS Location Tracking 

GPS location information is sent with every Emergency alarm so that we know where you are.

  • Hands-Free Two-Way Communication 

Whether they trigger the Emergency button or they fall, hands-free two-way voice communication with our Emergency Monitoring Centre occurs through the SOS pendant.

  • Works Wherever there is cellular Service CHECKMATE SOS has a cellular communicator built into it so it will work where ever your patient is, provided there is cell service.

ProTELEC Alarms is an industry leader in emergency monitoring. All calls go directly to our Emergency Monitoring Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can always be sure that the call will be answered by highly-trained and caring Operators who will access your profile, contact the Alert Contacts you’ve identified, and dispatch the help you need.  ProTELEC has been protecting life and property since 1968.

Our Emergency Monitoring Centre operates around the clock and both our facility and our operators have met or exceeded the highest level of certification available in the industry. Our Monitoring Centre has earned the prestigious Five Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) – an organization whose mandate is to maintain the very highest standards of excellence in the alarm industry in North America.

Our Emergency Monitoring Centre is ULC-listed to confirm that it meets demanding requirements for architectural and physical security features, as well as emergency power, computer hardware and software, and operator training.

ProTELEC Alarms is the pre-eminent provider of personal safety monitoring solutions.  Our complete range of personal safety products can ensure immediate, informed and industry-certified response to a wide range of personal emergency situations.

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  • we have biologists working in remote locations and late into the night or early in the morning to complete bird and wildlife surveys. CHECKMATE gives us comfort that our teams are safe without having to wake up staff for routine check-ins. We’ve expanded our use of the services because it is so helpful.

    Thanks CHECKMATE

  • I am a real estate agent who was robbed and assaulted and had no way to protect myself.

    Now with Checkmate Professional, I feel safe again and the price for my safe well-being. Is very cost-effective.

    Thanks Checkmate

  • We have been using CHECKMATE since 2011.The service CHECKMATE provides to our team is extremely beneficial, CHECKMATE continues to meet and surpass our expectations. They take the time to really know their clients which gives us every confidence that not just our safety goals are well understood but also our comfort level. Their system is very...

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